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Hello, and welcome to my own crazy little world,
My killjoy name is Adrenaline Android (• ε •)
2. I love the shows Invader Zim, Spongebob, The Simpsons, Bones, NCIS, family guy and many more
3. My favorite MCR album is....ALL OF THEM :D
4. My passions are singing, dancing, writing, reading, and anything having to do with painting/art
5. I am 14 yrs, natural red hair (Ginger, yes) and a freshman in HS
6. My favorite color is PURPLE
7. I'll admit, i’m obsessed with Mikey Way :D
8. I’m running out of things to say.....I ate your children (:D
9. Gerard Way is my future Husband, whether you like it or not!
10. Swimmy is my best friend, my slut, and she is so amazing!!

I found this interveiew with MCR and i thouroughly enjoyed it:

Mikey: Yeah, totally. In Rhode Island, some dudes decided to punch me in the throat and take my cell phone. There were like ten of them.
Interveiwer: Are you serious? Those crazy Rhode Islanders.
Frank: And at gunpoint.
Mikey: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the gun part. The guy pulled a gun on me. And he goes, 'Give me your money.' And my first reaction was to lie about it like a moron and say I didn't have any money. So the kid punches me and he goes, 'Give me your cell phone.' And then our manager, with his powers of a deduction-
Ray: He's like a street fighter!
Mikey: He goes into the alley with his cell phone, so then they come back and try to mug him. He pulls out a fucking switchblade and a baseball bat and a machine gun and a bazooka. And he got my cell phone back.

LOL RIGHT? anywhooo.....

I think that My Chemical Romance are some of the most inspiratinal people in the world, and idk where I would be without them.
So there ya have it
until next time,r:10,s:166,i:193&surl=1


-Killjoy out-
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